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Intimate relationships do not cause pain and unhappiness. They bring out the pain and unhappiness that is already in you. - Eckhart Tolle -

Somagetic Internal De-armouring

Internal de-armouring is a deeply sacred modality aimed at releasing stored armour or trauma in the yoni (vagina), lingam (penis - although not internal), anus and throat. Similar to external armour, when we experience physical or emotional trauma, especially in regards to our sexuality or speaking our truth, inner armour can build. 


Inner armour can present itself as loss of sensation, muscle tension or a numb, dry, tender area. It can greatly affect our ability to experience orgasm, feel connection to our genitals, as well as speak our truth. It can hinder our creativity, self-expression and ability to connect with our intimate partners and our inner power.



It is important to note that a yoni, lingam and anus de-armouring experience is not a sexual massage and all sessions begin with clear boundary setting. In addition, internal de-armouring is only considered for those who have first received multiple sessions of external de-armouring. 


What does a Somagetic internal de-armouring session look like? 


Following a conversation around boundaries, receivers are guided through light breathwork and other relaxation techniques which can include external and energetic de-armouring or reiki. Once the receiver is fully relaxed and ready, their permission is asked before touch and also before entering. All internal work is done using medical-grade gloves and lubrication.

If receiving de-armouring inside the yoni or anus, one or two fingers are moved 'around the clock' seeking sensitivities or sensations such as burning, numbness or areas of general discomfort. Steady, gentle pressure is held on these areas. If receiving lingam de-armouring, the area on or around the scrotum and penis is pressed, pulled or squeezed seeking any sensitive muscles or tendons. If receiving throat de-armouring, two fingers are used to gently press on the anterior slope of the throat.  


Please know that internal de-armouring can bring to the surface feelings such as guilt, shame, anger, joy and peace as well as strong emotional releases.

In-person: €490 EUR

Sessions vary between 2 and 3 hours depending on the person.

Please note: I am committed to keeping this experience accessible to all.

If this rate is out of your budget, please contact me.


Kendra, Vancouver, BC

When I first began delving into the idea of doing trauma healing work I looked into working with a daka and taking a more tantric approach, but was unable to find a masculine energy I felt safe with. A friend, and fellow tantrika suggested I get in touch with Nathan. I had not  heard of dearmouring before, but after reading through his website I decided to get in touch in book and external session. I was feeling a bit skeptical,  but I was surprised by the experience because during the session I found myself flooded with memories from my childhood I had totally forgotten. They seemed random and inconsequential but somehow repressed none the less, I did feel a shift in energy and a general feeling of openness after the session, and since he was moving from Vancouver in the coming weeks I decided to take a leap and try an internal session. I was pretty nervous and unsure of what to expect and what would come up, but Nathan was extremely calm and professional and really set me at ease and I never felt unsafe or as if I was being taken advantage of. The session itself felt intense and a bit painful at times, and I was pretty shocked when what came up for me was some emotion around childbirth. I was flooded with tears and anger and frustration, and what came up was a lot of old trauma and hurt around some events around my daughter's birth that lead to me feeling silenced, unable to advocate for my body and ultimately having to go for a cesarean. I cannot remember the last time I cried that hard. When the session was over I felt a bit sore both in my yoni and in my chest but substantially lighter, and now that I've had a few months to reflect and process I can say without a doubt that Nathan played an instrumental role in moving blockages through and out of my body. In the past few months I have found other healing work I have done around sacred sexuality and heart opening has been exponentially more successful and I am deeply grateful to Nathan for the role he played in my healing journey.

Disclaimer: One must be 18+ to receive internal de-armouring. Internal de-armouring is not a sexual massage. I am not a medical doctor. De-armouring sessions are not meant to cure or treat disease, mental illness or replace medical prescriptions/treatments administered or presented by your physician or psychiatrist. If at any time you become concerned with your physical/mental health, please see your doctor..

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