The way is effortless, yet the journey to being able to surrender into the way not always so effortless. - Alana Fairchild - 

Stemming from venerable systems of energy practices such as reiki and chigong, a Somagetic ecstatic experience (which is sometimes described as a full body energy orgasm) is a way to deepen our connection with self and liberate our sexual, creative, life-force energy. It is a dynamic process that activates our parasympathetic nervous system, strengthens our vagal tone (vagus nerve) and allows us to reconnect with our energetic body.


This once esoteric experience is considered a path towards expanded consciousness and a method to reach profound states of bliss. It was a practice verbally passed down for centuries by shamans and energy masters alike. During the 1930's, psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich also touched upon this in his research, referring to it as 'orgone' energy. It has since found its way into neo-tantra.


A Somagetic ecstatic experience is not a sexual massage. In fact, there is little touch made during a session. The areas where contact may occur will be discussed and clearly outlined at the beginning of each session and will never include the genitals. It is also important to note that every ecstatic experience is unique to the receiver. It has been my continued experience that a client’s experience is related to their level of surrender, state of allowance and their sensitivity to energy. For those who are not energy sensitive, this is something that can be re-learned.


Online or in-person. 

I am committed to keeping this experience accessible to all. Therefore, I offer a sliding price model: $130 - $430 USD per hour

Accepted currencies: EUR, USD, CAD, AUD

Accepted forms of payment: cash, PayPal, Venmo (US only) or bank transfer.

Sessions can vary between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the person.

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One must be 18+ to receive an ecstatic experience. I am not a medical doctor. A Somagetic ecstatic experience is not meant to cure or treat disease, mental illness or replace medical prescriptions or treatments administered or presented by your physician. If at any time you become concerned with your physical or mental health, please see your physician or psychiatrist.


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