The challenge is not to try and force life to unfold according to our whims, but to grow in trust, wisdom, self-love and self worth so that we become capable of surrender. - Alana Fairchild -

Imagine experiencing a complete transformation of self in 7 days. The Essence Journey is a personalized week-long, one-on-one, inward-expanding experience. It is a penetrant quest supported by shamanic breathwork, de-armouring and energy sessions, as well as life and relationship guidance. The Journey is designed for those who are deeply committed to stepping into one's authentic, higher self by examining the patterns, conditionings and limiting beliefs that are in the way of experiencing life fully with grace and in presence. It is the beginning of the return to one's essence-nature, a pilgrimage of unbecoming. 


Essence Journeys are for everyone: singles or couples (monogamous or polyamorous), those who identify as straight, bi, gay, trans or non-binary.

During your Essence Journey you will experience... 

Healing from presence


Shamanic breathwork journeys

Releasing/unblocking mental and energetic stagnancies

Vocal de-armouring - talking through what's most alive

Ecstatic experience sessions - healing through pleasure and light touch

The awakening of areas of the body which have become energetically or physically desensitized

Life or relationship guidance - inquiry into what’s working and what’s not and tools how to shift your experience

External body and energetic de-armouring - physical pressure-pointing and energetic work to move stagnancies and held energies

Feeling a deep state of surrender, allowing and trust unlike ever before

Relationship and archetype constellations and aspecting

Major short and long term life shifts

One plant medicine journey (optional)

Internal de-armouring (optional)


• I travel to you, anywhere in the world (with no added costs to you).

• Sessions take place at your home, or, if you prefer, a location arranged by me.

• 7 days, 4 to 5 hours a day of in-person work.

• 3 post-integration Zoom calls (integration support is a crucial aspect). 



7 Day Journey: €33,300 EUR



I just wanted to let you know that since our time together I’ve noticed massive shifts in quite unexpected ways in myself. It’s hard to articulate but I think the best way to describe it is that I just sit more comfortably in my skin, am much more confident, less self preoccupied and feel lighter in my being. Not the outcomes I expected from Tantric work which I had hoped would make me feel sexier and attract my life partner, so I hadn’t put the shift I feel down to the work we did together until now. But it dawned on me that all those tears I shed during our 7 days together did in fact help lift some major ‘shit’ off my back and I’m reaping the rewards. My friendship circle has also shifted quite unexpectedly and without any real effort on my part. It feels quite magical, so I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU.

Disclaimer: One must be 24+ to go on an Essence Journey. I'm not a psychiatrist.. An Essence Journey is not meant to cure or treat mental illness or replace medical prescriptions/treatments administered or presented by your psychiatrist or physician. If at any time during your Essence Journey you become concerned with your mental health, I will advise you to seek support from your psychiatrist or physician.