One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.
 - J. Krishnamurti -

Group Session

N. Harris

Just had to write to let you know again how blown away I was by our session yesterday and to say thank you so much. I’m totally shocked that with you being in Costa Rica and me in Calgary the session was as powerful as it was. I’ve been searching and trying so many different healing modalities for decades and finally feel like I’ve found the truth I was looking for! I’m so super grateful for your guidance in the gentlest, most caring and loving way possible. You’re amazing!



What I value in you Nathan, is your ability to hold such point for me. Your unwavering presence is the ultimate transmission. I can’t find words for how much I learned about myself through every process and I continue to have realisations from this. No words are needed when I can be marinating in this juicyness. My heart feels cracked wide open, immense amounts of gratitude and love. I am really very grateful for what you’re holding space for in the world. I still can’t comprehend the magnitude of what has moved and transformed for me. Have I said thank you? THANK YOU, truly.

Josh & Sherie


I’ve had so many therapy sessions over the years and done a ton of yoga and breath work, but the difference I feel today is profound. My chest and heart feel remarkably lighter and brighter. Even my face looks softer and younger. My overall sensation is one of a childlike glee, wonder and whimsy, the likes of which I’ve never felt before.

Rosa & Ricky


After attending Nathan's workshop I felt compelled to book a one-on-one session. The experience was so incredible, words don't do it justice. I was sexually abused as a child so had 'blockages' around orgasm during sex. My sessions allowed me to let go of some of the pain and ultimately recognize that within this pain was my joy. The process was incredibly healing and I now feel  more connected to my inner wisdom and being. I have since been experiencing multiple orgasms that are healing in nature and beyond this have noticed I am more calm in my day to day life.



My name is Tom and I am age 12. My mum invited me to have a session with Nathan and it was really good! It felt like when he was touching my neck that he was a ball of energy and passing it on to me - like he was a golden ball of energy. Afterwards I felt like the energy was still moving through me. I had the image that it was golden lines running through me. I felt peaceful, calm, happy and energetic.



Little did I know that I was in the presence of a spectacular energy master that through simple gestures, moving life forces over the body, pumping, pushing, and pulling air, not unlike a puppeteer, can cause jolts of life forces to stream through their body. I for one experienced this amazing phenomena. I also experienced some tremendous healing at the air-grazing of his finger tips that have allowed me to let the masculine back into my life. This is a tremendous relief.



I was particularly impressed with Nathan's workshop, the full body energy orgasm. I approached it with an open and skeptical mind. I honestly didn't think Nathan could manifest the energy required in such a short period of time (1.5 hours) to teach and have us arouse the energy in a partner that quickly. But he did it, and it was very powerful even if brief.



Nathan is such a subtle and powerful healer. I trusted Nathan immediately which allowed me to relax and be open to the experience. I've worked with so many therapists, and healers as well as done years of extensive work on myself... within 3 sessions with Nathan, I met my Beloved. I truly feel that the armour that I released through the work with Nathan, allowed me to be open to love... to knowing it is safe and I am worthy of being loved. I really love and respect Nathan and HIGHLY recommend this work. THANK YOU NATHAN!!!


So grateful to have met Nathan at a Tantra festival and been made aware of this amazing work. Nathan is a highly gifted, intuitive healer with a warm, calming, trusting essence about him that allows you to feel at ease and safe to explore this deeply vulnerable work. The experience of de-armouring with Nathan is an intense and extremely powerful experience. Each session has allowed me to let go on a deeper level and release in a more profound way. Much of this experience is one of a very intimate and vulnerable nature but I felt comfortable allowing myself to release and let go in whatever way felt right. Many times, my body would surprise me with what it was wanting to do but I felt safe and supported with whatever arose. After each session, I have felt a huge sense of release and have experienced layers of softening and opening of my heart, expansion of and intensifying of energy flow and an overall greater sense of contentment and ease. I look forward to continuing this journey with Nathan and I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of this beautiful healing process with Nathan.

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