Spare me from the desire to seek love, approval or appreciation.

- Byron Katie -

A Somagetic 2 day workshop is a weekend-long in-depth introduction to breathwork, external body de-armouring and ecstatic experiences, (sometimes experienced as a full body energy orgasm). It is a powerful and inward exploration designed to support the moving-through of emotions or traumas (major or minor) which have not been fully integrated, experienced or felt. 

It is a hands-on, experiential weekend aimed at awakening the heart and energy body that (for many) have become desensitized due to our environment, conditionings and state of being. 

The workshop is for all beings: women, men, non-binary, LGBTQ+, singles and partners.

May 15-16 - Montreal, Canada - Cancelled due to COVID

June 12-13 - Minneapolis, USA - more info

July 10-11 & 17-18 - Poland

July 24-25 Berlin, Germany

Aug. 28 - Sept. 5 - Somagetic Practitioner Training, Bali - more info

November & December 2021 - Australia - TBA


In this 2 day workshop we will…

Activate our parasympathetic nervous system and strengthen our vagal tone (vagus nerve) using sound, breath, movement and energy channeling. 


Move through some of our fears, anxieties, energetic blockages and stored emotions.  


Explore what it’s like to trust, allow and surrender to our body wisdom & tacit knowledge.


Reach altered states of consciousness similar to that experienced in plant medicine. 


Practice presence, patience and ’involved detachment’.


Learn the secret behind channeling energy, following your intuition and practicing ‘observation without projection’.

Past workshop dates are archived here.


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