Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved.

You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it. - Osho -

September 11 - 19, 2021 - Bali

A practitioner retreat is a carefully designed training that focuses on ‘body-frequency reading’ through deep presence, awareness and observational practices. Heart-centred at its core, it is a fluid, intuitively led training designed to support participants in mastering the art of space holding. Together we will explore what it means to safely guide others into the depths of somatic, energetic and emotional release using breathwork, de-armouring, ecstatic experiences as well as sound and movement.

Whether you're already a practitioner or just starting out, this training is for those who are committed to supporting the health and raising the consciousness of the collective. All beings welcome: women, men, non-binary, LGBTQ+, singles or partners.

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In these 7 days we will…

Practice holding space & channeling from a place of presence. 

Learn Somagetic de-armouring (external, internal & energetic).

Learn all about Somagetic ecstatic experiences & how to hold space in a session.

Explore the difference between channeling vs. giving & being a receptor vs. receiving.

Learn how to support clients in awakening areas of their body which have become energetically or physically desensitized.

Learn how to best support clients by lovingly protecting oneself by channeling through involved-detachment, setting energetic boundaries & having post-session clearing techniques. 

Learn the basics about the vagus nerve (vagal tone), sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems & how they all relate.

Learn somagetic breathwork & learn what it means to hold space during a group session.

Practice how to read & understand clients body frequency.

Practice trusting your inner wisdom & tacit knowledge.​

Practice observation without projection or evaluation.


Pricing TBA - Only 20 places available.

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All meals (organic & vegan)

Accommodation: TBA 

Check-in: September 11 - 14:00 to 16:00

Check-out: September 19 - 11:00

It is my responsibility to ensure that all participants in the practitioner training deeply understand the responsibility that comes with being a practitioner. Although all participants receive a “certificate of attendance”, becoming a skilled practitioner involves a great deal of humility, patience, dedication and practice beyond the training. My wish is that all new practitioners move forward humbled, heart-centred and profoundly aware of the role they are stepping into. 

Exact venue, detailed schedule and all other booking details will become available on March 1, 2021. In the meantime, you are welcome to send a message below expressing interest.

Disclaimer: You must be 18 years of age or older to attend this practitioner training. All participants are responsible for their mental and physical well being throughout this training. We reserve the right prior to or during the training to deny or terminate participation in the training if 1) non-consensual acts have taken place. 2) if we feel you are mentally unfit for the deep work that will take place during the training. I am not a medical doctor. This training is not meant to cure or treat disease, mental illness or replace medical prescriptions or treatments administered or presented by your physician or psychiatrist. If you are seeing a doctor or psychiatrist please ask them if this this training is right for you.


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