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Practitioner Training Turkey

What ever we "let go" comes back unless we do the necessary work to dissolve it. 
- Christopher Wallis -

June 15-20 @ Ulus ODTÜ Park - Istanbul, Turkey • more details | Türkçe için tıklayın

A 6 day Somagetic Practitioner Training is a transformative experience offering participants the opportunity to connect with their tacit knowledge and strengthen their ability to “read” bio-energetic feedback. Through the practice of presence and awareness, participants will sharpen their ability to sense body frequency and increase their energetic sensitivity.


Heart-centred at its core, the Somagetic PT is a trauma informed, intuitively led training thoughtfully curated to support participants in mastering the art of space holding. Together we will explore what it means to safely guide others into the depths of somatic, energetic and emotional release using shamanic breathwork, de-armouring, and tantric ecstatic experiences.


Participants will also learn other helpful practices that can be used to support clients during a session such as aspecting, body awareness exercises and emotional release tools.


Whether you're already a practitioner or wanting to join us for personal reasons, this training is for those who are committed to inner expansion and supporting the health and raising the consciousness of the collective. All beings are welcome.

In these 6 days we will…

Experience and learn to hold space for a Somagetic Shamanic Breathwork journey which offers an opportunity to drop into an altered bliss-state similar to that experienced in deep meditation or plant medicine journey. 


Experience and learn the all about Somagetic external and energetic De-armouring which helps release stuck and stagnant energies held in the physical, energetic and emotional bodies.

Experience and learn to hold space for a Somagetic Ecstatic Experience, also known as a full body energy orgasm. Learn how to support others to reach the level of surrender and allowance necessary for this experience. 

Learn how trauma affects mental and physical health; how to look out for signs of trauma and how to support those who are in a trauma response.


Learn the basics about the vagus nerve, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and how they all relate. 

Learn how to support clients in awakening areas of their body which have become energetically or physically desensitized.

Understand the differences between channeling vs. giving and being a receptor vs. receiving.


Practice how to read and understand clients body frequency from a distance (online).

Experience and learn about self de-armouring and energetic self-pleasuring.

Practice observation without projection and involved detachment.


Practice trusting your inner wisdom and tacit knowledge. 


Internationals & High Income Turkish Residents: €900

Low Income Turkish Residents: €500

Accepted currencies: 🇪🇺, 🇺🇸, 🇨🇦, 🇦🇺 Exchange rates here.


Accommodation or meals. 



Closest airport is IST or SAW.

The studio is easily reached by walking, taxi or public transport.

Start times: 08:00 each day.

End Times: 18:00 each day.

If you are interested in joining us in Turkey, please fill out this form

Somagetic Practitioner Training - Application Form

Disclaimer: It is my responsibility to ensure that all participants in the practitioner training deeply understand the responsibility that comes with being a practitioner. Although all participants receive a “certificate of completion”, becoming a skilled practitioner involves a great deal of humility, patience, dedication and practice beyond the training. My wish is that all new practitioners move forward humbled, heart-centred and profoundly aware of the role they are stepping into. 

Disclaimer: You must be 20 years of age or older to attend this practitioner training. All participants are responsible for their mental and physical well being throughout this training. We reserve the right prior to or during the training to deny or terminate participation in the training if 1) non-consensual acts have taken place. 2) if we feel you are mentally unfit for the deep work that will take place during the training. I am not a medical doctor. This training is not meant to cure or treat disease, mental illness or replace medical prescriptions or treatments administered or presented by your physician or psychiatrist. If you are seeing a doctor or psychiatrist please ask them if this this training is right for you.

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