The process of uncovering the core reality of your being is very different from the kind of therapy aimed at making you feel better. - Christopher Wallis - 

Somagetic vocal de-armouring is a direct and gentle style of talk therapy designed to shine light on the thoughts, beliefs and conditionings which build or add to one's armour. It is an effective approach which helps reflect back an honest and clear picture to those wanting to move through life's challenges. Vocal de-armouring is about understanding the roots of our emotions and triggers so we can show up authentically, in vulnerability, with ourselves and those around us. 


Watch the video to hear what clients have to say about their experiences. 


Online or in-person. 

I am committed to keeping this experience accessible to all. Therefore, I offer a sliding price model: $130 - $430 USD per hour

Accepted currencies: EUR, USD, CAD, AUD

Accepted forms of payment: cash, PayPal, Venmo (US only) or bank transfer.

Sessions can vary between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the person.

One must be 18+ to receive a vocal de-armouring session or otherwise have written permission from your guardian.. I am not a psychiatrist.. Vocal De-armouring is not meant to cure or treat mental illness or replace medical prescriptions or treatments administered or presented by your psychiatrist or physician. If at any time you become concerned with your mental or physical health, please see your psychiatrist or physician.


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