She was called a Master not because she was everyone's boss, but because she had completely mastered herself. - Unknown -

Practitioner training is an exercise in presence and a cultivation of deep compassion. It is a thoughtfully curated training for individuals who are on a spiritual path of personal healing and transformation. It is for those who understand that in order to masterfully hold space for others, we must first dive deep into our own personal shadows.    


Practitioner training comes in two forms: retreat-intensive or one-on-one followed by 7 days of apprenticeship at a non-practitioner retreat.


A practitioner training retreat is a hands-on, experiential retreat. This heart-centred training focuses predominantly on ‘body-frequency reading’ using presence and awareness practices. During this 7 day intensive, we will explore the art of supporting others in releasing their energetic and emotional blockages using breathwork, de-armouring and ecstatic experiences. For more information and dates, please click here.

One on One

Practitioner training done one-on-one is a personalized training divided into two parts. Part one begins online and part two is an apprenticeship. The number of online sessions depends on each individual's needs and progress. In this part, students will be taught the detailed theory and techniques of the work. Once satisfied with their level of knowledge, students will then begin weeks of hands on practice with friends or acquaintances. These unpaid "clients" will then share their feedback openly in written or video form. Once the latter is complete, participation as an assistant at one of the Somagetic non-practitioner training retreats is required. For more information, including pricing, please contact me directly.

It is my responsibility to ensure that all participants in the practitioner training program deeply understand the responsibility that comes with being a practitioner. Becoming a skilled practitioner involves a great deal of humility, patience, dedication and practice beyond the training. My wish is that all newly trained practitioners move forward humbled, heart-centred and profoundly aware of the role they are stepping into. 

One must be 18+ to participate in a Somagetic training. I reserve the right to deny or stop training at any time if I feel a participant has ill-intent, is un-suited or unstable.


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